Helpful Consulting / Coaching

Consulting Services

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We will meet with you and review:

  • Your current marketing strategies
    • What’s working well
    • What’s working so-so
    • What you wished you could stop but are locked in to a contract
  • Your past marketing strategies
    • What worked well
    • What worked somewhat well
    • What worked poorly
    • What was an absolute disaster
  • Then we’ll evaluate the why as to each above category and if there are any major changes that could be done to warrant considering any of them again with a different approach
  • We’ll also want to look at the cost and ROI for each if that information is available
  • We’ll add our knowledge and experience and develop a proposed plan and potential time frame to roll out the various proposed components. This plan will also include some optional strategies to include or exclude and may also contain some options regarding the investment amounts for various phases or components.
  • Finally, after meeting and forming a consensus with you and/or your marketing team, we can also help you implement the agreed upon plan.

Coaching Services

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12 weeks of intensive sales training combined with weekly coaching sessions

Double Your Sales, Increase Your Earnings, and Develop a Powerful Sales Personality

Brian Tracy’s “The Psychology of Selling,” outlines precisely what you need to do to break through the barriers keeping you from making more money, so you can sell faster and easier – period.

You don’t have to work harder; in fact, the system I teach you is surprisingly simple to implement, and provides you with powerful results.

Combine the sales techniques you’ll learn in in systematically going through Brian Tracy’s The Psychology of Selling CD set with regular weekly coaching sessions and everything you do becomes more efficient and more effective, your closing rate goes through the roof, and your bank account grows – and all the while, you’re having fun!

  • Get what you want, faster than you ever thought possible
  • Easily rally the people around you to help you reach your goals
  • Become absolutely indispensable to your company and climb the ladder, fast
  • Dramatically increase your income
  • Gain control over every aspect of your life

Weekly coaching sessions you’ll grow through ovr the next 12 weeks

  • Listen to audio lesson 2-5 times during the week
  • Weekly review and coaching session to help solidify what you are learning
  • Weekly homework consisting of at least one SMART goal that you develop and commit to
  • Accountability support to help you stay on task
  • Real tools and strategies to implement in your day-to-day activities throughout the course
  • One-on-One sessions with your own personal coach to help you process and put into practice what you are learning
  • Or done in a group setting with the opportunity to get feedback from your coach and other colleagues

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